THE MONSTER SOCIETY now available.  

Posted by Shawn Thomas Odyssey

THE MONSTER SOCIETY audiobook is now available at

Here's the link:

This is one of my favorites.  Enjoy!
Also available in book form on Amazon


Cody Wood just wants Christine DuPont to notice him, but his tongue-tied speech impediment and uncontrollable nerves keep getting in the way, not to mention Christine's clear interest in the mysterious new boy at school. When the opportunity to go on a daring night adventure with Christine arises, Cody jumps at the chance, despite his misgivings about their guide: Christine's delinquent older brother, Rosco.
Joined by Morbid - Cody's Goth-girl, vampire infatuated twin sister - the four teens are thrust into the center of a vast conspiracy, a web of deception that drives them ever deeper into the world's most deadly building. And a question: what does it all have to do with the new boy, the mysterious Simon Crow? Curiosity turns to panic as the foursome struggle to escape the building's societal keepers and the seemingly endless labyrinth of hallways and rooms...and the fantastic curiosities that dwell within the chilling darkness of the Monster Society.

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