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As promised, two more character portraits and profiles have been added to The Wizard of Dark Street website. Adler and Isadora Iree.  Here is the link.

Isadora Iree
Adler Iree

ONLY 27 more days!

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The Wizard
   It's here!  The official The Wizard of Dark Street website. (click this link to be taken directly there).  I couldn't be more excited about it.  Be sure to check back weekly from now until the book release on July 26th for added extras and fun!  Each week we'll be releasing two new character portraits (created by the incredible and incomparable Bob Doucette!) along with their descriptions (see the "Character" section of the website). 
Oona Crate and Deacon
     It's a fun way to get to know some of the Dark Street players early on.  And don't worry, there are no spoilers to be found. It's my great pleasure to introduce you all to three characters who are very much family to me: Oona Crate, Deacon, and of course, The Wizard.

     Oh, but there's more!  That's right.  We'll also be releasing one new Video each week.  These are loads of fun and each one is quite different.  I thought we might as well kick things off with something fun, and silly, and downright groovy.  A rap video!  "What?" I can hear you asking.  "A rap video about a middle grade magical/mystery book?"  Yep!  Have a look below.  

     Oh, and be sure to check out the weekly updates for the "Video" section of the site to discover new and ever-growing mysterious content.  Ah, and one more thing before I leave you all to it, if you feel so moved, please pass along the word to friends!  The more visitors the merrier.  Lots of fun coming.

     Thanks all.  I would love to hear from you, and be sure to become a follower of the blog for updates. :-)

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